Javier Rizzo / Grab a Coin to Win

Grab a Coin to Win

This is a very simple game. Just grab a coin to win.


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This game is both a social experiment and a reflection on the nature of games.

The social experiment was to observe people play this game. People who play video games frequently, quickly realized the "real purpose" of the game. In contrast, people who do not play regularly took quite a while to understand the game, and often stopped playing before passing the first coin.

The reflection was something deeper. When they grab the first coin for the first time, players get confused about winning so easily, and this is repeated several times until you realize that there is a whole world ahead. Later, when they win without wanting to, they get angry. I guess the true nature of the games is not to win but to keep playing. Not only games, but life would be very boring if it was easy.